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What should you expect from us?


  • We usually like to arrive at least 1 hour before you would like the music to start being played. This gives us plenty of time to set up and do sound checks. 

  • We have instrumental love songs we like to play while everyone is finding a seat in the ceremony venue. If you would like certain songs played for that part, please make sure you make us aware of that. 


  • We will be following you around all day with a camera or two.

  • We will be putting a microphone on the officiant and the groom for video purposes. This would be in addition to any microphones requested for DJ purposes, so they may have 2 microphones on at one time. We do try our best to hide the video microphones.

  • We may use an LED light to light certain things during bride/groom prep.

  • We may have 2 LED lights near the dance floor at your reception, so we can capture as much as possible in your video(s). 


  • We will be following you around all day with a camera or two.

  • We may need to use flashes and/or LED lights in certain areas during bride/groom prep.

  • We may need to set up our flashes and/or LED lights during the reception. 

What do we need from you?

  • Wedding details! We want to capture your shoes, rings, invitations, RSVPs, jewelry, boutonnieres/flowers, perfume, and any other details you would like captured in both video and photos. If possible, please have these in areas where you know where they are. We will most likely be shooting these details first, along with your dress. If you would like to mail us a wedding invitation, we will hold on to it and bring it with us for video/photo purposes. 

  • A photo organizer. It is way easier for us to have someone there during the family portraits that knows people's names, relations, etc. If you do not have someone, that is totally fine. We can do it!

Our Advice

  • Consider doing a first look with your fiancé before the ceremony. We are HUGE fans of The First Look. For video purposes, we still get a great reaction, just more private between the two of you. For photo purposes, you get 40% more pictures of just the two of you. It also gives you a little more time to have alone. Wedding days are so busy, and you barely get any time to just enjoy each other alone. One thing we regret most about our own personal wedding is not getting enough pictures of just the two of us together. A first look would have helped extremely in this. 

  • Enjoy your day! Leave all your stress to us. We will take care of whatever you need us to. From tearing down tables at the reception to make a bigger dance floor, to being your designated cake cutter, we've got your back! You just sit back and enjoy your wonderful day you have been looking forward to. 

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